The Ordinaries (2022)
124 minuten | FSK ab 12

The Ordinaries
The Ordinaries
Kinostart: 30.03.2023 (Deutschland)
Regie: Sophie Linnenbaum
Drehbuch: Sophie Linnenbaum, Michael Fetter Nathansky
Darsteller: Pasquale Aleardi, Christian Steyer, Noah Tinwa
Drehort: Deutschland

Inhaltsangabe - The Ordinaries

In a repressive three class-society, Paula, a simple Supporting Character, is about to face the most important test of her life: she has to prove she deserves to be a Lead. She is at the top of her class at the Main Character School - but so far has failed in generating great emotional music. In search of a solution, she finds herself in the abyss of the cinematic world, on the fringes of the storyline and lost amongst the Outtakes.

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